Georgie Gardner takes cheeky swipe at Karl Stefanovic
May 15, 2019

They say revenge is a dish best served cold — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a sick burn, as Georgie Gardner has demonstrated.

The Today host has taken a hilarious dig at her former colleague Karl Stefanovic’s ‘Ubergate’ scandal in the best way possible on Twitter.

In early 2018, embarrassing reports of Stefanovic’s phone call with his brother Peter Stefanovic — who was in an Uber talking on speakerphone — were made public.

The two brothers were critical of a slew of figures at Nine including colleagues Richard Wilkins and Georgie Gardener, who Stefanovic accused of sitting on the fence too much.

The Uber driver alleged to New Idea that Stefanovic had become angry as he declared Gardner needed to “step up” if she “wanted to stay on the show”, comments for which he later apologised.

Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic in 2018. Picture: David Caird.Source:News Corp Australia

This week Uber announced it had introduced “quiet mode” for their trips — an option which allows passengers to opt for their drivers not to talk to them.

“Something the Stefanovic brothers should probably look into?” Triple M drive show Kennedy Molloy tweeted out on Wednesday afternoon.

Responding to the tweet, Gardner wrote back “Ya reckon?!!”

Ya reckon?!!

It’s not the first time Gardner has taken a dig at Stefanovic over his Ubergate comments, with the TV host taking a sly swipe at him on air the day his comments were published.

During a lighthearted discussion about Stefanovic’s fear of sausage dogs on Today, newsreader Deborah Knight told him he needed to “face your fears”.

“That’s right, and that’s coming up — don’t you worry about that,” Gardner responded pointedly, looking Stefanovic directly in the eye.

When Stefanovic continued to air his fears about sausage dogs, Gardner told him: “Well, it’s probably about now I should call you pathetic.”

In a radio interview in July last year, Gardner admitted there was “friction” between her and Stefanovic.

Georgie Gardner called Karl Stefanovic “pathetic” in an awkward on-air exchange. Picture: Today/Channel 9.Source:Channel 9

“There’s a fraction of friction between you two,” Hughesy & Kate show’s Kate Langbroek remarked.

“A fraction too much friction,” replied Gardner.

“Is there too much?” asked Langbroek.

“Occasionally,” Gardner admitted.

Stefanovic was axed from Today in December after slipping ratings and a barrage of bad publicity over his extravagant Mexican wedding to shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough.

His brother Peter left the network and in a major overhaulof Today, presenters Sylvia Jeffreys and Richard Wilkins were shuffled into new roles.

Knight replaced Stefanovic as co-host in January, however, the show’s ratings have continued to struggle.