How Well Do You Know That Star?: Hughesy’s embarrassing quiz show fail
May 24, 2019

If there was ever a quiz Dave Hughes should have excelled at it, it was this one.

But that’s not what happened.

The comedian, who co-hosts the Hit Network’s Hughesy and Kate show, put in a dismal performance when he appeared on’s How Well Do You Know That Star? quiz.

What’s so remarkable about Hughesy’s woeful effort is that all of the quiz questions were about him.

What was his first ever tweet in 2009? In what year did he win an ARIA award? When did he first perform stand-up on Hey Hey It’s Saturday? Hughesy didn’t have a clue.

Check out his epic quiz show fail in the video player above.

Dave Hughes is currently touring his stand-up show Hairy around Australia. He’ll perform in Perth on May 25, Newcastle on May 31 and Sutherland on June 7. You can also catch him live in Rockhampton on May 30. Ticket info here.